Black Gold: Rap–Rough Draft

Black truths
Black Lies
Or does it even matter

Profits made
Profits lost
Black lives shattered

Marches, candles, and protest
still, Black lives
Black goals
Black lives are still Gold

For someone to make a profit in the ghetto a Black life has to matter
Whether shot down, or believe it or not, a Cap and Gown.

Black youth, please realize : an Apple phone, MK, Gucci dont’ matter
and True Religion anit yo father

an adults veins full of herion
kids bellies full of hunger pains
yet Black lives lost for profit
Black lives bought and sold
Black live worth more than Gold
Or does it matter?

Black lives
Black matter
Black Gold
This story has never been told

Black Dream
Black Goal
Black lives bartered and sold

Slavery is over sold you’ve been told
yet if your mind is in shackles
Then you’re a slave you don’t even know it.

Black intellect
Black economic power
Black world