But I am not a conspiracy theorist–Rap

We paid the cost for something, we didn’t any change
Slowly, the landscape of ghetto changed and it “seemed” we were to blame.
Mom and pops stores from back in the day
got stuck up and the resounding consensus is
“I hate Black folks” We internalized our pain into Race based hate–just like they do when they see our face
We stop opening our own store cause we of either stick up boys would come
or worst, your Alderman–extortion.

Yet, it seems like new drugs made their way into the hood but where the money for these products and services supposed to come from?
The ghetto may be poor in economic resources and maybe even not have top stores
But we have an unlimited supply of hope and and talent and in the end we’ll recognize somebody’s else’s plan? to swoop in and supply drugs and deplete our businesses and service inferior quality.