But I am not a conspiracy theorist

Since the beginning of time human beings didn’t really need a socially disadvantaged group of people to blame their need to be able hate. Most human beings really won’t speak unless they want something. So, let’s not act naive about humans inability to coexist. But, let’s however delve into the subject matter of a geographically blocked off segment of society where variables have been manipulated to bring about distrust and disrespect–the ghetto. Why are there no businesses in the community that teach a trade or grant a certification or license? Yet, there’s a fried food place less than every ten blocks.

for the last 50 years the ghetto has remained stuck in its status quo: Without resources to bring its people out of both financial and mental struggle. However, the money of the residents of the ghetto is the source of other ethnic groups’ source of financial freedom through capitalistic entrepreneurialsim? And, why are we so disproportionately the customer and not the owner?

As long as we use “ANY” excuse not to be able to work together we will always be behind. All of us, regardless of our differences reside here; we can not have biases against each other if we are to succeed.

Since the seventies Black owned businesses, where the owners lived in the community and had a vested interest in the community, have declined. Yet, more and more businesses owners who don’t live in the community and have no interest in the residents in the community are opening stores everyday. When the sun goes down, so do the owners, and the trash and the blunt papers line the street. And, money that has been paid will never be put back into the community.

The problem: Black people need to stop saying, “I don’t do business with Blacks” Not only is this thinking poisonous it has a pathological aspect that keeps us disliking each other. Which is why it makes it easier for a people whom you’ve never had occasion to associate with open a store in your community and charge fifty cents up charge because you don’t spend over five dollars.

Apparently, we do business with each other because every two blocks someone is standing on the corner saying that they have “Loud”. So, is the only jobs in the community to be a low level drug seller or customer?
I don’t even want to talk about the poor lives of the people who buy harder drugs, quote/unqote that commit acts to buy more drugs. But then, I’m not a conspiracy theorist: Isn’t the ghetto supposed to be a place one wouldn’t go to open a business?

How is it that our communities, nation to nation mimic the same patterns. Why haven’t we done something about it? Are we so complacent. Have we given up? Do we even care?

Again the problem: Lack of respect. I’ve stood on the front line of businesses in the community for over 30 years and the one consistent erosion I’ve witnessed is lack of respect from customers, who believe they are going to receive inferior service so they have preconceived concepts and they act accordingly, which is rude and disrespectful. People, will justify their behaviors, but in the end all resident lose.

I’ve worked on the front lines of the chicken shack to automotive repair and behind the scenes, as customer service to the entire world’s diversity. And, guess what? People don’t need a reason to act like trolls. They do it because it allows them to act out on a basic need to be nasty just for the sake of it. Only once a person evolves past this un-evolved cycle are they able to be more productive to themselves and society.