Do You Remember this Song?

Betty Wright’s “Tonight is the Night You Make Me a Woman”
Do you remember the part when Betty said she took the song home to her mother to hear. And, the mother’s response:
“Well, baby; I like the music. you know baby, the melody is really nice, BUT I KNOW YOU NOT GONNA SING THAT SONG!
Then Betty Wright went on to say, “We just eased that song on pass her and recorded the song; and it went on to become one of her biggest songs”

There have been so many great songs with amazing tracks; and, like Betty Wright’s mother asked,
“But I know you not going to sing that song?!”
I won’t be a Hypocrite, I’ve enjoyed singing along to some of those songs.
The point be made here is with the evolution of music’s becoming more blatant in its sexuality, did we evolve in the right direction?


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