Hip Hop should have come with a Disclaimer: Rough Draft Rap

Warning: the video you’re about to see is a depiction of a life-style not necessarily lived by the Artist. If you see guns, drugs, and scantly clad girls it’s all part of the Hip Hop industry’s way to sell. Again, the music video is not to be meant this is not meant to portray a lifestyle to be attained. Stay in school. Put down the guns. Learn to respect and love one another.
Hip Hop should have come with a Disclaimer,
But it’s twenty years too late, niccas in the Slammer
Trying to be something they anit, stop it you anit lil Wayne
Where those three lil girls that wrote a song to lil wayne?
And, even better yet, do they feel the same: that video didn’t even hit 45 thousand
but it’s not about numbers, it’s about the fact the kids saw the problem.
One life saved
You living in the ghetto trying to be like dude in the video,
And he went to private school, he really trying to pretend to be you.
Anit that a flip flop, but then again that’s Hip Hop.
Fake chest and butts, but with the silicone, who should you really trust
I’ve seen these chicks go from being hood then all of a sudden their Barbie dolls