I’ve Stood at the Threshold of Many Sins, But Never Stepped Over the Threshold

Part of the reason I’m able to view other peoples’ problem with not so much as “Judgement” but one of, for lack of a better expression, “Lack of “Judgement” is because just like anybody else, I’ve stood at the Threshold of many sins, but never stepped over the threshold into the Sin. Most of us have heard the expression, “There but for the Grace of GOD, go I”

So, when someone acts up or shows out, I just chuckle inside because if not the exact same behavior, I can at least draw a parallel of the behavior being demonstrated. And, ironically, I have compassion for them because I realize that often times people are crying out; Yes, I know to act out does not make people sympathize with your plight, but if you’ve experienced or stood at the threshold of that sin then you have some idea of what the people is going through who chose to step over that threshold and into that sin.