The Wrong kind of Love?

if the state of the world is an indication that we really don’t know what real love is….then we Don’t.
Nature dictates we pursue one another, but that’s not love, that’s lust.
We bring children into this world and perpetuate man’s original sin–the inability to coexist.
Technology with all its wonder can create a perfect virtual lover, and even tell us who is best for us. But, in the end it seems like the only thing technology has done is speed up the process to show us how ugly we are by being Trolls.

it’s still funny how everyone is so pre-occupied with their smart devices texting loved ones or looking for someone to love. But the truth of the matter is, if we knew how to love we’d start with the planet, its harvest for our bodies, then our wholeselves not just the physical.

The more we experience life’s pain the more we seem to quest the search for the love of a special someone.

Don’t get me wrong. We need good sustainable love. But we have to be able to realize even marriages of back in the day of sixty or more years together can leave a person a widow or widower. We still have to have love for one another. When the spouse dies, we have to be able to come back to the love outside of ourselves.