Trapp House II: unfinished

Aye, for all you who already know the first Version of Trapped house, and for those of you that don’t
You living in Trapped House it’s your way of thinking not where you living that Im talkin about

As usual I go back in forth with metaphorical and then leaving on some analogical so pay attention this ish is for the gifted, you just get to sit in on a session: lol

“Ghetto minded” mamma always looking for the easy way out
looking foe the get-over but later in life finds out she the one that got one over on.

life is good on section 8
got a house in the burbs and dinner’s late
got free food, free medical
check the clock on the wall it don’t stop
Tic Tock

June Bug and baby girl gone off to school you left at home trying to figure what to do
Welfare says you better not work; and even if you do, you quit cause
oh, hell use any excuse

Yo best friends is Murray, “who the baby daddy?”
or that new App everybody using
But the clock on the wall don’t stop
Tic Toc

Awwwh the kids grown so fast, and all grades are “passed”
now lil June Bug is five eleven–tall like a man
Baby girl still cute as she wanna be, but she just turned eleven
Tic Tock, the clock is still on the wall

You watching Murray and “Ghetto minded mamma” says she had her baby declared slow so she wouldn’t lose her bedroom for June bug because he go be turning 18 soon so he gone be on section 8 for life. Trife!
Don’t matter. The clock on the wall still ticking
Tic Toc

Baby girl just finished high school, lord the time flies.
June Bug up the street cause you need him to run wild.