Two Reasons, Pending Small Businesses Need to Keep Their Customers Abreast

Pending small businesses should keep their customers abreast for two reasons: One, if the deadline for opening is postponed, keep the customers aware of when the business will open. Two, using some form of media platform is both a quick and inexpensive way to let your customers know what’s happening. Customers realize that sometimes it’s not the owner(s) fault that the business isn’t operational yet; and, that often it the bureaucracy of local city and State guidelines.

So, if your business isn’t opening according to the business plan, let both other would-be business owners know what to expect from local city and/or State bureaucratic red tape, if indeed that is the reason for the delay. If the reason is simply a delay for other reasons, still keep your customer base informed because their not going to think anything positive about the business stating it would open on one date then a month(s) pass. The customer is going to think you don’t know what you’re doing, because if you did, you would at least keep them posted.

Let’s say that for some reason the pending business ran into a small financial problem. I believe would-be customers and aspiring entrepreneurs would be glad to support a go fund me for small business page, especially, if the business is unique in that there are no other businesses offering the service.


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