Utopian Army?

A people attempting to build a Utopian society, sadly, must build an Army first.
We don’t sail off to lands unknown to conquer; or, do we, only in a “global economic” way?
Never the less, if a civilized people were today to try and build a Utopian society, one free from ignorance and the subsequent acts of pitting the people against each other based on type any type of difference that would cause division in neighborhoods;schools;police dept; fire dept.;quality food stores; hospitals, ect

Long gone are the days of colonizing. However, in recent years a group calling themselves the Tea Party (thought provoking in its essence to make one thinking of history’s “Tea Party Revolution.” Be careful of the name you choose to name your groups. I digressed. The Tea Party of recent that tried created another group to be chosen into offices of government were not successful. I can’t say if the Tea Party had good reason to form a new party other than Democrat or Republican. I do believe that a changed needed to occur because obviously, what has been taking in the last hundred years hasn’t worked well enough to bring about positive social change.

Perhaps, the Tea Party people should have started smaller with their goal: create a neighbor that followed their rules and regulation and show the world that it worked, then implement the model on a larger scale. I’m just thinking out loud.

This is what Black folks need to do with their communities–if they could only realize they have been taught to dislike and distrust and mistreat each other based on any difference among them.