Who, What, When, Where and Why is UMI’s purpose

who is umi

who is umi

As a Writer, Activist and Entrepreneur of UMI: uplifting, motivating, inspiring, I created this website to apprise the readers of who I am, as just described. What is UMI: UMI is a web based business hoping to create a store-front that offers computer use with Microsoft Office 365; Printing services; and Wi-Fi; Also, I sale daily motivational entries and short stories, and beverage tumblers to the end goal of opening the “UMI: uplifting,motivating,inspiring.com store-front.

Currently, UMI: has been blessed by Chef Sara of Sara’s Cafe. Chef Sara is sharing the spirit of “Giving back” in which she is allowing a small space within her Cafe to allow residents of the community to access the aforementioned services above.

I created UMI for a multitude of reasons, so in short, I’ll say I created UMI with a two-fold purpose which was to create a business for myself using my talents while also giving back to the community.

Please read “excepts” of my entries or short stories, and whatever interest you, make a payment over the phone
312-863-0720 Daily motivational entries are $1; short stories are $3, Novelty beverage tumblers are $10

Thank you for your support