You Got Lil Wayne’d: The Rap; unfinished

Intro: If you’ve been blessed enough to see a baby grow from infancy to teen years then I know you’ll appreciate where this is going.

I know a mother’s fear. I understand tears,
I know father’s fears. I know a mother’s tears. I know of the pain when you child tells ’em “I wanna be like Lil Wayne”

A parents heart might stop, maybe even skip a beat, while they try to control their anger and body heat; Cause they realize the importance of not what’s said, but more so the importance of what’s implied..

Dad’s says, You’ll have to stand in front of a lot of people, you can’t be scarry
Mama says, ” Boy you cant be dummy you gotta a have large vocabulary
Dads says, “That’s right, so you’ll have to finish school.

The kid replies: I’ll do what I gotta do, even if that means staying in school.
The parents’ fear are calmed for a while. They