You Got LiL Wayne’d : The Carter

What does “You Got Lil Wayne’d” mean? The overall theme of “You Got Lil Wayne’d” is that Lil Wayne’s career began with his first music video, “We On Fire” at the age of 14: A music video about Thug life and drug sales. As Lil Wayne morphed into an even bigger entity so did his presentation:a wife beater traded in for dreads and facial tattoo. While lil Wayne was being paid for his skill and presentation, the audience of say twenty-somethings and let’s say their younger siblings were subliminally thinking they too can be rich by either slinging drugs or becoming the next child Rapper, or both. The truth is 20 years later the only person who really became wealthy was Lil Wayne. But at least lil Wayne still went on to college many years later, while his misguided followers got….”Lil Wayne’d”

I don’t blame Lil Wayne for being the face of Hip Hop/A Rap Icon to nearly two decades/ 20 years of boys who are now men whose lives are a mess. I only use Lil Wayne as my “scapegoat” because too many of those whose lives are a mess fashioned themselves/look like the Hip Hop Phenom (Tattoo’d faces, bad dreads, and too much exposed underwear; coupled with the illiteracy:–so, really, I blame Hip Hop/Rap Culture and absentee parents that messed up the lives of these now men. It would be a hypocritical if I didn’t say, “Some kids, despite good parents, still got Lil Wayne’d.

I dare you to go to your local browser and got to your local inmate search and type the last name “Jones” and count how many dread head, tattoo’d faces you see. Then I dare you to go to any random face book and look at some pictures. How many picture have you seen with a group of six or more guys in a picture and there’s always that one guy holding a gun?

The Hip Hop culture has ruined many lives by never admitting to its audience ” these music videos are Fake and are NOT to encourage any viewers to believe that Thug life/Drug life is a way out of your predicament” And, “We encourage you to stay in school and say, “No” to drugs. Whatever happen to that, “Say No to drug campaign? Did we trade it in for “Turn up!?”

UMI’s mission is to uplift, motivate and inspire. But how does a web based source accomplish that goal to a generation or two, that want a short video clip or a txt ov wht u talkn bout non-readers? I guess you’ll have to wait for the Rap Video.

In closing, perhaps you or someone you know has been “Lil Wayne’d.” Maybe you’ll see the correlation and ask yourself what can you do to make a positive change. Or, perhaps you know someone with whom you can share this entry and start a conversation.

In the end, We All Got Lil Wayne’d.